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Office Hours: Friday through Monday 10 to 6
Days Off: Tuesday through Thursday
Phone: 206-784-7842 - No Fax
-- Updated March 16, 2016 --

Ron Sterling, M.D., Bellevue, Washington.
Welcome!  Or, Welcome Back!

You have come to a great place to learn about Dr. Sterling and psychiatry.

Dr. Sterling offers uncompromised confidential, thoughtful, directly accessible and personalized counseling and medication services. His almost 40-years of experience allow him to offer you a wealth of skill and understanding.

Appointments are available on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Weekend appointments can be very convenient for clients working weekdays. However, please note "Travel Advisories" further below on this page regarding occasional Weekend SR520 Bridge Closures.

What is "Uncompromised" Service?

    The following elements are the heart of Dr. Sterling's uncompromised counseling and psychiatric services:

  • Highly confidential -- Most managed care organizations and insurance providers require detailed information as a condition of payment. This often extends to demands for highly personal information.

    Such requirements can be a serious breach of what has always been considered a very private and confidential relationship between client and doctor. For this reason, Dr. Sterling has chosen not to be a preferred provider nor a member of any managed care organization.

    As an experienced and concerned therapist, Dr. Sterling knows that safety and confidentiality are vital to the process of therapy and working on personal issues. He will not compromise.

  • Directly accessible -- Dr. Sterling does not use a receptionist or an answering service for receiving your telephone calls. His office phone is his phone. If you have a question or a concern, you do not have to worry about disclosing your name, telephone number, or your questions or concerns to some other person.
    Only Dr. Sterling answers his phone and listens to his voice messages.

  • Personalized -- Dr. Sterling uses the word "client" to describe people who consult with him. This reflects his view that psychiatric services involve an active, team-work process, in which no one person is "operating" on the other.

    Dr. Sterling does not feel that "one size" of treatment fits all. He is open to and skillful at individual and relationship counseling. You can invite a friend, a significant other, a family member, or the whole family.

    When needed, Dr. Sterling can make home visits.

      In addition, Dr. Sterling can assist you by e-mail and telephone. He is skillful and experienced at using these alternative ways for offering support and counseling. This can be especially helpful to people who do a large amount of traveling.

  • Uninfluenced by managed care or insurance carrier focus on the "bottom line" -- Assisting you in a highly-professional manner with your issues, your worries, your pain, your growth, and helping you feel and be your very best is Dr. Sterling's goal, period.

  • Uninfluenced by pharmaceutical corporations -- Above all, Dr. Sterling is an objective professional, not a pill pusher or a therapy pusher. His aim is to be as unbiased as possible, using his seasoned knowledge to consult with you and find solutions and the right balance of treatment methods. He does not accept gifts from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

  • Flexible -- Dr. Sterling knows that life can be complex and that reaching for the next level in personal growth can sometimes be an unpredictable journey. His almost 40-years of experience give him a wiser and broader view of what it takes to feel our best, to be our best, to heal and to grow.
  • Caring -- Despite certain trends in health care services, Dr. Sterling continues to offer truly compassionate, humanistic, and caring counseling. He has never wavered from his commitment to his clients or to his community.

      Even though he does not have the resources to offer sliding-scale fees or Medicaid direct services to lower-income clients, Dr. Sterling contributes at least 10 hours a month in volunteer activities to improve public mental health and chemical dependency services and /or several hours of pro bono work per month (work without a fee for his own lowest income or "hard-times" client(s)).

Does Dr. Sterling Provide Collaborative Treatment?
    Dr. Sterling offers assistance to clients who may be working with a non-physician primary therapist, who also may wish to talk to a psychiatrist about how medication might fit into their lives.

    You may be receiving mental health related prescriptions from your primary care physician and wish to consult a specialist for follow-up on such medications, or you or your therapist may want to consult Dr. Sterling to find out if medication might be helpful in your situation.

    As a client or as a provider of services, please feel free to contact Dr. Sterling for an appointment for medication evaluation or medication follow-up.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday Appointments are Available.

    Dr. Sterling is accepting new clients. Appointments are available on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Dr. Sterling makes weekend appointments available so that his clients can have convenient access to services without having to miss work or deal with congested traffic. Dr. Sterling's days off are Tuesday through Thursday. That is his "weekend" and, as such, he does not guarantee quick responses to telephone calls or other work-related matters.

If You Want to Make an Appointment, What do You Do?

    Please feel free to call Dr. Sterling at 206-784-7842 to talk with him about setting up an appointment. Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., you will often reach him directly.

    You may e-mail him, if you are more comfortable with e-mail. Only Dr. Sterling has access to and only Dr. Sterling answers his phone, listens to his voice messages, and reads e-mail sent to .

How Do You Pay Dr. Sterling?

    Dr. Sterling's office is very uncomplicated. His practice is designed to allow him to spend almost all his time doing client-centered work, rather than on administrative tasks and paperwork.

    He requests that clients pay for services at each session, usually by credit card, personal check, or cash. He does not establish accounts nor does he send out bills, except in the case of late-cancelled or no-show appointments or when a third party may be paying the fees for a client.

    You can pay for in-person services by credit card on the day of your appointment by going to Dr. Sterling's online payment Web page. He does not process credit card payments at the office.

What About Insurance Coverage?

    Your insurance carrier may reimburse you for payments you have made to Dr. Sterling even though he is an "out-of-network" provider. If you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier, Dr. Sterling can provide you with a signed receipt for services which contains what would reasonably be expected to be the information necessary for your insurance carrier to process a reimbursement to you.

    Clients are responsible for the disclosure of the information contained on such a receipt and for completing any relevant insurance claim form, submitting such claim, and directly seeking reimbursement from their insurers.

    Recently, however, Dr. Sterling has experienced insurance providers who claim to provide out-of-network coverage for their customers, but, who, in fact, have found new ways to avoid such responsiblities to their customers with what Dr. Sterling feels are inappropriate and overly-intrusive questions. Dr. Sterling cannot guarantee, in any manner whatsover, that your insurance provider will not find some way to escape their responsiblities to you.

    In addition, please note that prior authorizations are being increasingly required by insurance companies for many, if not all, prescriptions related to the treatment of adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The prior authorization process often requires 15 minutes of time on the phone with insurance representatives. Any prior authorization process that requires more than seven minutes of Dr. Sterling's time will result in a prorated fee to the client for time spent in obtaining the authorization. Generally, such authorizations last for one year, and have to be renewed on an annual basis.

    Sometimes, while attempting to find the correct medication, the authorization process can be required for each new trial dose. Sometimes, it is less costly to pay out-of-pocket for trial dose amounts of medication rather than spending money on obtaining an authorization for each trial dose.

Are There Services that Dr. Sterling Does Not Provide?

    Dr. Sterling does not provide the following services:

    • No Emergency Services -- Although, as a client of Dr. Sterling's, you will be able to contact him by phone at just about any hour of the day, he does not have the resources to furnish services which might require follow-up hospitalization for either mental health or chemical dependency emergencies.

    • No In-Hospital Services -- In addition, Dr. Sterling does not provide in-hospital services of any kind, including consultations, and is not on staff at any hospital.

    • No Medicare or Medicaid Reimbursed Services -- Dr. Sterling provides services to clients who have Medicare and Medicaid coverage, but since he has "opted out" of Medicare, neither he or you can you seek reimbursement from Medicare or Medicaid for his services. This limitation also affects any prescriptions that Dr. Sterling writes for Medicare or Medicaid clients. Such clients cannot use Medicare or Medicaid, or any federal or state funded program to pay for medications prescribed by Dr. Sterling.

      To receive services from Dr. Sterling if you are a Medicare beneficiary, you will be required to sign a Medicare Private Contract.

      Dr. Sterling charges every client exactly the same fee for a particular service. Currently, he cannot offer a "sliding scale fee" based on client income level.

Warning: SR-520 is Occasionally Closed on Weekends (Use I-90).

Take a Tour of This Web Site?

    Dr. Sterling invites you to take a tour of this Web site by clicking on the navigation buttons to your left. You can access pages that provide biographical information and more details about Dr. Sterling's practice of psychiatry, including everything from philosophy to client registration forms.

Take a Tour of Dr. Sterling's Internet Mental Health Center?

      When you have some time, Dr. Sterling invites you to take a tour of his Internet mental health center at contains comprehensive mental health care information, answers to reader questions, links, and much more.

    Find pages at devoted to:

    • Answers to reader questions about psychotherapy, medications, ADHD, depression, bereavement, forgiveness, Freud, and older adult mental health.

    • Purchasing e-mail or telephone mental health information, advice, and counseling.

    • Mental health advocacy, the media and mental health, and the healing power of humor.

Thank You for Stopping By!

    Best wishes, and have a great day! -- Dr. Sterling

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