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Links to Affiliated Sites Hosted by Dr. Sterling.

    Below are links to several independent portals at Dr. Sterling's Internet Mental Health Center,™ and a brief description of the information available at each Web site.

    • -- Up-to-date and comprehensive information about Adult Attentio Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. If you have been dealing with the challenges of ADD or you wish to know more about Adult ADD, this information, presented this way, will turn a light on for you.

    • -- Web site contains articles, information, and resources for understanding the factors in mental wellness -- self-appreciation, resilience, affiliation, negotiation, curiosity, exercise and leisure activities.

    • -- Extensive information and links to help you answer the question "is humor good for your health?"

    • -- Read about online counseling and purchase e-Mail, Internet chat, and telephone counseling from Dr. Sterling.

    • -- Contains mental health information and resources for older adults, and Dr. Sterling's latest answer about older adult mental health care and caregiver concerns.

    • -- Web site contains articles, information, and resources for understanding more about mild to severe depression and the neurobiology of moderate to severe depression.

    • -- Web site contains articles, information, and resources for understanding more about the phases that the brain goes through during a lifetime. There are many structural changes that take place in our brains, and they don't all occur during our later years.

    • -- Links to information, articles, organizations and individuals dedicated to helping us understand the processes of grieving and mourning.

    • -- Links to resources dedicated to helping us understand the power and the psychological principles of the process of interpersonal forgiveness.

    • -- Links to articles and resources for understanding psychotherapy.

Sample Original Content that is Syndicated by Dr. Sterling.

    Other than the Web sites noted above, the following are Web pages that contain published content or extended articles which are available for syndication. Dr. Sterling has written recurring columns since 1998 on mental health and good manners.


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