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"The Civil Rights Movement of this decade is Mental Health Care quality and equality."
-- Updated March 12, 2006 --

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    This page contains links to mental health medication information, news, issue papers, and Web sites of individuals and organizations advocating for more affordable medications.

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      Looking for Information About Universal Health Insurance?

    Please go to our Universal Health Insurance Web page, to get the latest on efforts to make our health insurance system broader-based and more equitable.

      Looking for Information About Mental Health Parity?

    Please go to our Mental Health Parity Web page, to get the latest on efforts to improve mental health care quality and equality.

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    Please check further down on this page or go to our Medication Information and Support Web page, to get links to sites the give comprehensive information about medications, or that offer resources for assistance in purchasing medications, or that are engaged in advocacy efforts for cutting medication costs and similar concerns.

      Links to News, Resources and Reports About Medication Cost Reduction.

    For some of the latest published news on legislation to reduce medication costs in Washington State and other news about prescription drug pricing and efforts to reduce costs, please see the following articles. We cannot guarantee that our list of links will always contain the very latest news about medication costs or the pharmaceutical industry. If you want to do more research and find more articles about medication costs and concerns, go to the Google News Search Engine page and type into the search box the words "medication cost" or a similar search phrase. You will get a comprehensive list of the most current articles from a large number of publications.

    Please note that the Seattle Times now requires you to register to view archived material. It does not take much time, and it is worth the effort. For convenience, links will open in a separate window.

      2003 Federal Medicare Prescription Legislation.

    You would have to be living under a rock not to know that the most controversial piece of federal legislation to pass in quite some time is the Medicare prescription legislation passed on November 25, 2003. It is so complicated and lengthy that it has been difficult for most people to figure out what it contains and whether it truly helps Medicare recipients or constitutes more "corporate welfare."

    Please visit our Medicare and Medicaid news page to find more information about the 2003 Medicare legislation.

      Want Information About Prescription Medications?

      Links to Medication Advocacy Web Sites.

      Drug News - Pharmaceutical Industry Finds New Ways to Fight.

      More Drug News - Development and Sales.

      Even More Drug News - Pharmaceutical Industry Finds Opponets.

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