Breaking Up -- Support and Resources
-- Updated February 10, 2007 --

   Welcome to our Break-Up Support and Resources Page!

    The mission of this DateGuru page is to provide support, information, and resources about breaking up. Break-ups come in all colors of the rainbow, from heart-wrenching to jumping-for-joy... well, at least, that is what some people say. Some relationships are just not meant to be, and others that may have been meant to be, got hammered by our hang-ups. Either way, there is usually some pain.

    Some of us are better at letting go and moving on. Some of us are better at grieving. Most of us are prone to interpret a break-up in the worst light, often blaming ourselves. This page is dedicated to assisting you in thinking about break-ups, and grieving and learning what you can from how things went. An appreciation for history always gives us a chance to get our knowledge base updated.

    Although this page is under construction, please see a few links below to poems, photographs, and essays.

  Links to Poems and Discussions.

    Please visit the following pages of which contain poems and photographs about letting go.

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