Romance Resources
-- Updated February 10, 2007 --

   Welcome to our Romance Resources Page!

    The mission of this DateGuru page is to provide information and links to discussions, thoughts and resources about romance.

    Giving and receiving affection and attention can sometimes be so much easier in the early days of a growing relationship. However, giving and receiving affection and attention is not a habit or style that most of us are skilled at. We are often taught much more about how to compete than how to cooperate, and more about how to protect our turf and our feelings, rather than how to share and be open. This page is dedicated to learning more about intimacy and the habits of sharing and caring -- the essences of romance.

    Although this page is under construction, please see a few links below to poems, photographs, and essays.

  Links to Poems and Discussions.

    Please visit the following pages which contain discussions, poems, and photographs related to love and affection.

    • A poem and photograph about connecting -- Moon Bound.
    • An essay (okay, a "fun" essay....), posted February 13, 2002 -- Love Potion 2002. Read about the "real" meaning of love and get a chance to sing a song about true love.

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