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Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Statement
Ron Sterling, M.D. -- Updated December 31, 2020
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    Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Statement

    Dr. Sterling's mission is to be a provider of unbiased, state-of-the-art, and professional information and services.

    In the interest of full disclosure of any possible conflicts of interest, Dr. Sterling submits the following statement, which he declares to be true, correct and updated as of the date noted above.

    Financial and Funding Affiliations

      Dr. Sterling has no financial or funding affiliations at this time. Dr. Sterling's primary income sources are a fee-for-service, sole-practitioner, private practice of psychiatry in Seattle and Bellevue, Washington, USA, and sales of books and other written content.

      No funds of any type, whatsoever, are generated from any third-party links provided on this Web site under the domain name

      Dr. Sterling is not partnered with nor part of any organization, corporation, or governmental entity.

    Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Organizations

      Dr. Sterling does not have any arrangements with, and will not consider any arrangements with manufacturers of pharmaceutical or biomedical products, or any of their affiliates, distributors, or representatives. This has been true since 2001.

      Dr. Sterling does not accept nor utilize sample medications. This has been true since 2001

      Dr. Sterling attends conferences and engages in required continuing medical education (CME) courses. Many of such CME courses are subsidized by or funded in part by pharmaceutical and biomedical corporations. Dr. Sterling does not obtain any financial benefit from attending such conferences or CME courses and does not accept funding for any expenses related to any such conferences or CME courses.

    Insurance Corporations, Preferred Provider Networks, Medicare

      Dr. Sterling is not part of any organization and does not participate in any health maintenance or preferred provider health insurance plans. He receives no payments, whatsoever, from any insurance corporations or their affiliates for professional services that he renders to clients.

      Dr. Sterling has "opted out" of Medicare and, thus, not only does he not receive any payments from Medicare, he cannot bill them, nor may his clients who may be Medicare eligible.


      No third-party advertising exists on the Web site. Any third-party links to which users may be directed if they chose to utilize such links are posted for education and information only, and their inclusion on should not be interpreted in any way as an endorsement. Any advertising existing on any linked third-party Web sites is the sole responsibility of those Web sites and they do not generate any income for Dr. Sterling, whatsoever.

    Participation in Marketing Surveys

      Dr. Sterling has, and may continue to, participate in marketing surveys that are periodically available to physicians. Such marketing surveys generally consist of answering lengthy questions about medication and practice preferences and are usually conducted by a marketing corporation or an affiliate. Dr. Sterling has received payments from such organizations for time spent on answering the questions found in such surveys. In Dr. Sterling's opinion, such surveys do not influence his practice in any way. In fact, it is more likely that Dr. Sterling influences the outcome of such surveys and provides a "check and balance" to generally biased marketing agendas by participating in such surveys.

    Participation in Targeted Conferences

      Dr. Sterling has, and may continue to, participate in conferences that are subsidized by not-for-profit organizations, foundations, or governmental entities. Such participation is contingent on Dr. Sterling's determination that his participation will be for the purpose of providing professional and unbiased information about the subject matter of the conference. Dr. Sterling discloses the following with respect to such conferences:

    Diagnostic and Therapeutic Biases and Modalities

      Dr. Sterling is neither a "pill-pusher" nor a "therapy-pusher." His mission when he first meets with a client is to use his extensive knowledge base and experience to assist in finding out how much of what might be troubling a client is related to environmental, social, psychological and biological causes. Among other things, this requires taking a comprehensive history which includes an extended family history. Dr. Sterling asks many questions about nutrition, eating habits, and exercise. He may order laboratory tests to rule out or confirm certain nutritional, hormonal, or other biological factors which may be affecting quality of life and contributing to symptoms.

      Dr. Sterling is a licensed physician in Washington State and can prescribe appropriate medications, if needed. (However, as noted above, his practice of psychiatry and all related services, such as the provision of prescriptions will cease by February 28, 2012.)

      Dr. Sterling has no biases about treatment modalities and is experienced in psychological consultation and therapies using cognitive behavioral, learning, transactional analytic, psychodynamic, and interpersonal frameworks for understanding current difficulties and for making changes. He believes that a consultative, teamwork atmosphere is the best for facilitating new awareness and personal growth. All strategies for treatment, including the use of medications, are developed in collaboration with his clients.

      Dr. Sterling is not on the staff of any hospital. He does not recommend or offer electroconvulsive therapy or transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Thank You for Stopping By!

            -- Best wishes, Dr. Sterling

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