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    Welcome to Doctor Debug's Web site!

    Doctor Debug was written by Ron Sterling, M.D., a psychiatrist in Seattle, Washington, who now has 35 years of counseling experience.   Now, don't go misinterpreting that "age thing."   Just because he has been around for a while doesn't mean that he is only older and wiser.   He is also caring and funny.   (He's gotta be... he's to blame for the name, okay?)   Read his advice columns to find out what it really means to debug malfunctioning aspects of ourselves.   Dr. Sterling also hosts and maintains the well-known Internet Mental Health Center, DearShrink.com™.

A Little Debug Information and History.
    All Doctor Debug advice columns are available either as HTML Web pages or as quickly downloadable Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files.   The text and logos in articles posted here may differ slightly from those found in hardcopy publications or on other Web sites to which Dr. Sterling has submitted the Doctor Debug column.

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    Doctor Debug™ was first published on May 13, 2002, in the 14th edition of Tekbug, a monthly magazine that was based in Redmond, Washington.   Tekbug was similar to two other free, weekly, Seattle magazines, the Seattle Weekly and The Stranger but Tekbug had a much stronger technology focus.   However, the bad news is that Tekbug crashed and the last edition was published on November 18, 2002.

    Then Doctor Debug found at least one new home!   The Doc was published bi-monthly in Natural Life News and Directory, a Montana publication (628 North Main Street, Livingston, Montana 59047) thanks to publisher Denis Ouellette who discovered the Doctor Debug column while visiting Seattle in September 2002.

    Now (July 2011), Doctor Debug has been in hibernation or doing his cicada imitation and developing a new life as some other species... who knew?

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