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-- Updated June 17, 2010 --

Would You Like to Support the Mission of

    Dr. Sterling invites you to make donations to support his mission of providing unbiased, useful and professional mental health information to visitors at and at his affiliated Web sites, and

    Dr. Sterling has chosen to give you the opportunity to make donations to support these Web sites rather than soliciting and utilizing advertisers and sponsors. Dr. Sterling desires to provide unbiased information and answers to your questions. He has received much positive feedback from users who appreciate that there is no advertising posted on and its affiliated Web sites, except for the advertising of Dr. Sterling's services.

    Please go to our Funding Notices to get more information on funding and advertising at

    Thank you for your kind consideration for donations to support the maintenance and the mission of and its affiliated Web sites!

You are Not Obligated to Make a Donation, Whatsoever.

    Please note that there is no obligation for you to make a donation of any kind, whatsoever, to Ron Sterling, M.D., as allowed on this page. Dr. Sterling charges no fee for any access to and you are under no obligation to make donations. This donation option is provided to you as a method by which you can say "thank you" to Dr. Sterling and be part of the support of these important and informative Web sites.

Why Does Dr. Sterling Need to Solicit or Collect Donations?

    Dr. Sterling desires to keep his consumer-friendly Web sites out of the business of marketing or advertising any particular products. However, without some revenue, Dr. Sterling has found it difficult to keep up with the rapid increase in the costs of providing a quality search engine and finding the professional assistance needed to keep up with frequent technological advances.

    Dr. Sterling believes that the option of allowing donations to be made to help defray the costs associated with the above-noted Web sites may be the most consumer-friendly, democratic, and participatory way for users to provide financial support.

What Amount Should You Donate?

    Dr. Sterling suggests small donations in the range of $2.00 to $25.00. However, donations of much larger amounts are also allowed through the PayPal Donation Process.

    One of the best ways to figure out whether or not to make a donation and to determine how large of a donation to make is to ask yourself whether or not you have learned something from visiting or its affiliated sites, and If you feel that it has been a valuable experience to you and you would like to see these sites continue to offer useful and professional information, then a donation might be appropriate. Obviously, if you found the sites to be difficult to navigate or not useful, then a donation might not be appropriate.

    You should not make donations that are a large percentage of your income, nor should you go into any significant debt, whatsoever, in making a donation. If, for some reason, you make a large donation by accident or on an impulse, please let Dr. Sterling know so that he can refund your donation to you. You can always call Dr. Sterling at 206-784-7842.

Donations Made Here are Not Tax Deductible.

    Neither nor any of Dr. Sterling's Web sites are currently part of any not-for-profit entity and, therefore, donations made through the use of this Donation Web page are not tax deductible in any manner, whatsoever.

You Must Agree to The Terms of Service on this Page.

    You must agree to the Terms of Service for making a donation to Ron Sterling, M.D., to support the maintenance and mission of and its affiliated Web sites as noted above. By clicking on the PayPal Donate Button further down on this page, you irrevocably agree to the following Terms of Service (TOS):

    Terms of Service (TOS) for Making a Donation

      By clicking on the PayPal Donate Button located further down on this page and following through with making a donation, I irrevocably agree to each and every statement below:

      1. I am 18 years old or older.

      2. I have Refreshed the View of this page to insure that I am viewing the very latest version of these Terms of Service.

      3. I am making a donation.

      4. I am not purchasing any service or product, whatsoever, from Dr. Sterling by making this donation.

      5. I am not currently a client or patient of Dr. Sterling's either through the online or face-to-face provision of ongoing psychotherapy or psychiatric services.

      6. If I wish to purchase a service from Dr. Sterling, I will do so through the order pages whose links are found at the bottom of the Caring Online Therapy Page of or I will call him do inquire about an appointment by calling 206-784-7842.

      7. I understand that by making a Donation through the use of this Donation Web Page that I am not entering into a patient-doctor relationship with Dr. Sterling in any way, whatsoever, and I have no expectation of, nor will I demand in any way, any service from Dr. Sterling pursuant to this Donation.

      8. I am making a small Donation or, if I am making a larger Donation, I have carefully considered the amount of the Donation I am making, and it is, in my sound judgment, a Donation within my means, and is appropriate and reasonable in the circumstances. However, I understand that, if for any reason, whatsoever, I wish to request a Refund, I can request such Refund up to 90 days from the date of this Donation.

      9. I understand that any Refund due to me upon my valid and timely request may have deducted from it an amount of money appropriate for service fees and other expenses associated with the Refund process but, notwithstanding, the deduction of such service fees will not exceed $2.00 or 10% of the Donation originally made, whichever is greater.

      10. I agree that Dr. Sterling cannot be held responsible for any breaches of confidentiality or privacy that may occur due to (a) my use of a wireless connection to the Internet, (b) my choice not to use a recommended secure e-mail service, (c) my failure to provide a correct and valid e-mail address for myself, (d) my failure to keep secure and confidential any copies I keep of receipts, account statements, or e-mails, (e) illegal hacking, and (f) hardware, software and other Internet service provider errors outside the control of myself or Dr. Sterling.

      11. I understand that any claim connected to the Donation that I make through the use of this Donation Web page will be governed by the laws of the State of Washington.

      12. Any e-mail address I provide during the processing of this Donation is an e-mail address at which I agree to receive receipts that will contain the following or very similar information: "Donation made to" The receipt may also contain the amount paid and what type of credit card was used. I agree to the disclosure of such information to the e-mail address I provide, and I understand that such information may be considered confidential.

      13. I agree to the disclosure of the words "Ron Sterling" and "Donation" or such similar words in the text of the credit card account statement mailed or otherwise delivered to me by the credit card company with whom I maintain an account with which I make this Donation to Dr. Sterling.

      14. I understand that this Donation is not tax deductible for the purposes of federal or state income taxes.

      15. I expressly acknowledge that Ron Sterling, M.D., reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time, whatsoever, without any advance notice and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon the posting of such modified terms and conditions on this page. I agree to Refresh this Page before clicking on the PayPal Donation Button to insure that I am viewing the very latest version of these Terms of Service.

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