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    If you have followed Dr. Sterling's history of projects over the last 10 years, you already know that this page and all of the related pages have not been updated since 2007.

    Starting in early 2008, Dr. Sterling began to move in a new professional and advocacy direction after doing a large amount of reading of primary scientific literature with respect to the dopamine neurotransmitter system. Eventually, he published a book in late 2011 which documented his findings after reading about 20,000 pages of primary literature with a focus on the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

        Dr. Sterling No Longer Provides Certain Older Adult Mental Health Services

    Please note: Dr. Sterling no longer provides any older adult (geriatric) mental health services related to dementia evaluations or treatment at his office or at homes, assisted living or long-term care facilities. He has opted out of Medicare and any other professional services that he may provide to Medicare-eligible clients will require them to sign a Medicare Private Contract form.

    We invite you to tour this page of mental health information and to click on the navigation buttons to your left to explore the other pages found at SeniorMentalHealth.org. Further below on this page you will find links to the current answer to a reader question and to archived answers to reader questions.

    If you click on the Links Button to your left, you will find links to other Web sites created and hosted by Dr. Sterling, including links to his new senior mental health advice column Mind Matters which is published in the Seattle monthly magazine, Northwest Prime Time.

    If you click on the Resources Button to your left, you will find a very comprehensive list of links to general health, senior health, and senior mental health Web sites, including links to all of Liz Taylor's Growing Older columns published in the Seattle Times.

    In addition to information, advice, and links to senior mental health resources, Dr. Sterling offers appointments at his Bellevue office, and counseling and support by phone and e-mail.

Dr. Sterling does not utilize a receptionist or an answering service for receiving your telephone calls. His office phone is his phone. If you have a question or a concern, you do not have to worry about disclosing your name, telephone number, or your questions or concerns to some other person.

    To find out what is new at SeniorMentalHealth.org or to view the latest announcements, alerts and news about issues that concern senior folks, please go to our What's New page. To get an index of pages available at at SeniorMentalHealth.org, go to our Site Index page.

        Check the Senior Mental Health Advice Column -- Mind Matters.

    Please go to the Mind Matters Web site to read articles about older adult mental health written by Dr. Sterling for the Seattle monthly magazine, Northwest Prime Time.

    Please Note: Even though Dr. Sterling has completed a fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry, he is no longer providing any types of site visits to provide psychiatric services such as dementia care. Also please note that Dr. Sterling has opted out of Medicare which means that none of his services or any prescriptions he writes for clients who utilize Medicare services will be eligible to be paid by Medicare or Medicaid or just about any other state or federal health care program.

    Dr. Sterling was honored in 2003 for his "substantial contribution in serving people with mental illnesses in the field of geriatric psychiatry" with an Exemplary Psychiatrist Award from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

    Dr. Sterling completed a Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship in June 1999 at the University of Kansas Medical School at Wichita. For more information about Dr. Sterling's training, please go to his Biography Page.

        Thank You for Stopping By!

      -- Best wishes, Dr. Sterling

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