E-Mail Options and Reminders
-- Updated July 1, 2004 --

    Dr. Sterling Does Not Provide Emergency Services.

      • Please call 911 if you think you need emergency medical attention.
        Do not hesitate.
      • Another source for mental health crisis assistance in Seattle, Washington, is the Crisis Hotline at 206-461-3222. The Seattle Crisis Clinic also has a Crisis Clinic Web page.
      • If you are having serious suicidal or homicidal thoughts, you need help immediately. Get off the computer and get on the phone.
      • You can call 1-800-784-2433 (1-800-SUICIDE) from anywhere in the United States for help.

    Things to Remember When E-Mailing Questions to Dr. Sterling.

      You may e-mail your questions to Dr. Sterling, but please keep in mind that Dr. Sterling cannot guarantee a personal response to your e-mailed questions unless you have purchased a service from him through his CaringTherapy.net Web site or you are in the process of setting up appointments with him.

      Any questions sent to Dr. Sterling that are not part of a purchased service from Dr. Sterling may receive an answer or may be used for publication on Dr. Sterling's Web sites as part of his advice columns. All identifying information will be removed and, as described in our Legal Notices, such questions may be edited for publication purposes.

      All e-mail sent to Dr. Sterling is read only by Dr. Sterling and all e-mail is treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

    E-Mail from Shared Hardware, Work Sites or via Wireless Connections?

    • Thank you for thinking about contacting us! Before you e-mail us, please consider the following privacy concerns.

    • If you are not utilizing a wireless modem or connection, or you are not e-mailing us from a work site, or using shared hardware or software, or if you have no privacy concerns about your e-mail to us, you may consider writing to us by simply .

    • If you are using a wireless modem or network, please keep in mind that unless you have clearly made provisions to secure such connections, you can assume you have no privacy when using them.

    If You Have E-Mail Privacy Concerns, Please Continue Reading.

      We do not want to slow down or discourage your communication with us, but we would like you to consider the following items:

      • Some employers may have policies prohibiting personal use of their computer hardware and/or software.

      • If you are not breaking a workplace policy by e-mailing us and your communication to us will not contain sensitive personal information about yourself or any other person, you may consider writing to us by simply .

      • Employers essentially own all communications that reside on their hardware. Thus, any e-mail you send from your employer's e-mail address can be assumed to be non-confidential.

      • Significant others and children may have access to your communications if you share hardware and software.

      • Wireless modems and networks are particularly vulnerable to hacking. Unless you have made specific security measures, you can assume you have no wireless privacy.

    Only Dr. Sterling is Authorized to Read E-Mail.

      Dr. Sterling is the only person who is authorized to read e-mail sent to Dr. Sterling. Please consult our Privacy Policy for further information about user responsibilities, confidentiality, and record keeping.

    Do You Wish to Establish a More Secure E-Mail Address?

    • If you wish to establish a more secure method for e-mailing Dr. Sterling, please consider creating a more "independent" e-mail address at some other site than on home or work shared networks or hardware.

    • If you desire to purchase e-mail, online chat or telephone consultation services from us (see our Online Counseling Page), we highly recommend that you use or establish an "independent," secure, e-mail address that you would be comfortable with for the purpose of sending and receiving confidential information.

    • You can establish free, "independent," e-mail addresses just about anywhere these days -- Yahoo.com, MSN.com, About.com, and ZipLip.com.

    • Finally, even though we believe that there are very confidential forms of e-mail available, it should be noted that on the Internet and in life there are no absolute guarantees of complete privacy. We cannot be responsible for misaddressed e-mail or e-mail that is illegally "hacked" or intercepted before reaching the SeniorMentalHealth.org e-mail boxes. Click on the following hyperlink, if you wish to read more about our Privacy Policy.

    Thank You for Your Interest and for Stopping By!

      Please feel free to with your comments, questions and suggestions. Tell us, from your professional or from your consumer viewpoint, what you would like to see on a Web site devoted to psychiatry and counseling.

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