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- Updated January 8, 2009 -

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      The mission of this page is to provide notices about the most recent updates or additions to SeniorMentalHealth.org.

      Pages which are frequently updated include the following:

      • The Hippocampus and Neurobiology of Depression Web page has been updated and now contains a PowerPoint presentation (as an Adobe Acrobat document) entitled "How Stress Produces Major Depressive Disorder." It covers the three most important things we currently know about stress and depression. Moderate to severe depression is not a lack of will power or a sign of a character defect. However, there are ways to help recognize what your vulnerability to severe depression might be and there are ways to help prevent moderate to severe depression.

      • The Mind Matters Web page is updated monthly with a new older adult mental health advice column. Mind Matters is published in the monthly Seattle seniors magazine, Northwest Prime Time.

      • The Aging Brain Web page.

      • The Brain Fitness Web page.

      • The Mental Wellness Web page.

      • The Growing Older Web page is updated frequently to link you to Liz Taylor's weekly column for the Seattle Times called "Growing Older."

      Dr. Sterling was honored with an Exemplary Psychiatrist Award from the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill at a ceremony on May 20, 2003, while he attended the 156th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association May 17-22, 2003, in San Francisco. The awards for 2003 spotlighted psychiatrists who made special contributions to field of geriatric psychiatry.

        New Websites Related to Older Adult Issues and Concerns.

    • AgePride.org -- Links to information and resources about how attitude can affect health in older adults. AgePride.org contains articles about ageism and older adult stereotyping and links to older adult advocacy organizations.

    • AlcoholAndAging.org -- Links to information and resources about concerns related to the use and misuse of alcohol by older adults.

    • AllAboutGrief.org -- Links to information, articles, organizations and individuals dedicated to helping us understand the processes of grieving and mourning.

    • AllAboutForgiveness.org -- Links to resources dedicated to helping us understand the power and the psychological principles of the process of interpersonal forgiveness.

    • AllAboutPsychotherapy.org -- Links to articles and resources for understanding psychotherapy.

    • CutDrugCosts.org -- Get updated information and links about reducing medication costs for both individuals and state systems.

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