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A Psychiatrist Who Comes to You or Your Loved Ones

     Your Place, Your Space.

    Dr. Sterling offers visits to homes, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes in the greater Seattle area for you or your loved one's mental health care. Please call him at 206-784-7842 to discuss your needs. You will often reach him directly.

     Elder Care.

    • Dr. Sterling invites families and caregivers to call him if they have concerns about a loved one residing at an assisted living facility or nursing home in the Seattle area who they feel might benefit from the services of Geriatric Psychiatrist.

    • Dr. Sterling is a Geriatric Psychiatry Specialist. Dr. Sterling completed a Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship in June 1999 at the University of Kansas Medical School at Wichita. For more information about Dr. Sterling and his training, please go to his Biography Page.

    • Please note that Dr. Sterling does not participate in the Medicare program. Payments for services provided by Dr. Sterling will need to be paid by personal check, cash or credit card and the client or the client's legal representative will need to enter into a Medicare Private Contract. The advantage of this is that Dr. Sterling can provide you or your loved one with dedicated and easily accessible evaluation and care.

      Medication, imaging or other procedures that may be recommended can often be ordered by the client's primary care physician in consultation with Dr. Sterling allowing them often to be Medicare eligible benefits. Dr. Sterling does not contract directly with assisted living or nursing home facilities for the provision of mental health services.

     Would Online or Telephone Support and Counseling be Helpful?

    • Caregiver Support and Counseling and Patient Advice: Dr. Sterling offers online and telephone consultations for geriatric mental health issues, including providing support and advice to caregivers, assisted living personnel, and nursing homes. Please go to our Online Counseling page to get information about online and telephone counseling and how to order it.

     Thank You for Stopping By!

    Feel free to e-mail us with your comments, questions and suggestions. Have a great day!

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