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    Welcome to™, a division of™. DearShrink is an Internet Mental Health Center hosted by Ron Sterling, M.D., a General and Geriatric Psychiatrist who also specializes in Adolescent and Family Therapy.

    Yes, Dr. Sterling has been called the "Dear Abby" of Internet psychiatry, but that doesn't mean he is just older and wiser; he is also caring and funny and talks about sex. The latest ErosGuru answer to a question about sex can be found further below. Just type to find us again, or bookmark us.

    We invite you to tour this page of sex advice and links and to explore the rest of the DearShrink site. DearShrink is filled with information, answers to questions, and rapid ways for obtaining services from Dr. Sterling in person, by phone, by Internet chat, or by e-mail. Click on the About Us button to get more details or call Dr. Sterling at 206-784-7842 to discuss his services.

    Other Advice destinations at DearShrink include:, where Dr. Sterling posts advice and information about mental health, psychiatry, and counseling;, where Dr. Sterling provides information and answers to questions about senior mental health and caregiver concerns;, where you can find links and answers to questions about dating and developing relationships as a single person; and,, for links and advice about partner, parenting, and family matters.

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March was Vulvar Health Awareness and Women's History Month!

  • reminded us that March was Vulvar Health Awareness Month. We will continue to spotlight this link for its comprehensive information about vulvar self-exams and vulvar health and illness. Don't know what "vulvar health" is? Go to to find out.

  • Or, check out All About My Vagina, a very hip and informed Web site maintained by one very hard-working Web mistress.

  • March was also Women's History Month!  Please go to our General Links page to find links to Women's History sites and information. March may be gone, but we will keep Women's History links available for your reference.

The Latest ErosGuru™ Answer to a Reader Question.

    Go to Wishing for Better Sex to read Dr. Sterling's answer to a reader who wants to know which antidepressant causes the least sexual side effects.

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    Click Eros Links to view a list of links on this page that will connect you to sex information, sex advice, sexuality and sensuality Web sites. All links will open in a new window.

Psych Soapbox is Here!

    Go to Psych Soapbox to read Love Potion 2002 about the true meaning of love, according to Dr. Ron. This is the first article written for where Dr. Sterling posts opinion articles about matters related to psychiatry -- society, culture, manners, and mental health care.

Want Links to Valentine's Day Web Sites?

    We have archived the links to Valentine's Day and Anti-Valentine's Day Web sites that we posted in late January 2001 and in February 2002. To view those links, please go to our DateGuru Archives.

About ErosGuru™.

    The ErosGuru™ web site is where Dr. Sterling posts answers to selected reader questions about sex, sexuality, and sensuality. Please feel free to submit questions or comments to Dr. Sterling. The identities of all readers will, of course, be kept strictly confidential and we will use our best efforts to insure that no information will be contained in any published question or answer that might disclose the identity of any reader or any person associated with the reader's question. Dr. Sterling is the only person authorized to read e-mail sent to For further information about your responsibilities when sending e-mail questions to Dr. Sterling and our Privacy Policy, click here.

Would You Like Online or Telephone Support and Counseling?

  • Online Sex and Relationship Advice and Counseling: Dr. Sterling offers online and telephone counseling for your sexual and relationship concerns and questions. Please click on this Online Help link to go to Dr. Sterling's web page which gives information about online and telephone counseling and how to purchase it.

  • Dr. Sterling Has 30 Years of Counseling Experience. Dr. Sterling has been around, but that doesn't make him just older and wiser. He has been married; he has been divorced. He knows a lot about the highs and lows of married and single life and the sexual issues that can challenge us. His experiences and training give him a balanced perspective that could be called younger and more creative. Dr. Sterling is a caring healthcare provider and advisor who makes a strong commitment to his clients, and who has a sense of humor. For more information about Dr. Sterling, please go to his Biography Page.

Links to General Sensuality, Sexuality and Sex Education Web Sites.

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  • Healthy Sexuality at MSN WebMD is a great site for lengthy, well-written, more biologically-oriented articles on selected sexual matters.

  • The Sexuality Site is hosted by Anne Semans. Anne has spent close to twenty years educating people about sex, through her books and her work with two major womenís sex shops, Good Vibrations and

  • Salon Magazine, the Web zine we all have come to love and cherish (we have, haven't we?), has the best writing around, period. Check their Sex Page which covers almost everything. This is not a library of sex, or a sex education site, but a site for truly appreciating and thinking about the many aspects of sexuality in our culture and ourselves.

  •'s Web site is something sensual to behold. This could be DearShrink's favorite sensuality site. Advertising themselves as a "Community of Thoughtful Hedonists," this magazine and Web site feature great writing. However, the emphasis in the photo galleries is still somewhat traditionally on the female form. In a sense,'s Web zine could be viewed as taking's Sex Page and making it into a standalone magazine.

  • is Seattle's very own sexuality site. The Society for Human Sexuality headquartered in Seattle, Washington, sponsors this site. The emphasis is on fun, diversity, education and interaction. It has something for everyone, but the focus is a bit more for single people and "alternative" styles. The links page is especially interesting.

  • Go Ask Alice!, a service of Columbia University,n has sex and sexuality question and answer pages which are a delight. Check them out.

Links to Specific Subject Matter Sex Education Web Sites.

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  • G-Spot Sites:   All About My Vagina is a new spot with sassy attitude and style created and maintained by Sarah at Aloha House (in Canada). VulvaUniversity at is a great Web site to learn about the G-Spot among many other things.

  • Female Sexual Dysfunction:'s Straight Talk About Female Sexual Dysfunction does a very good job of introducing sexual dysfunction issues, creating a comfort zone about the subject and assisting in learning to talk with partners and professionals. NewShe can only be described as a mega-site for women's sexual health. It is highly recommended. The Network for Excellence in Women's Sexual Health Web site is for women seeking help in dealing with sexual function problems such as lack of desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and pain. It is founded and hosted by the sisters Dr. Jennifer Berman. M.D. and Dr. Laura Berman, Ph.D.'s Sexual Dysfunction Page hosted by Tracee Cornforth has links to subjects from low libido and menopause to Viagra and women.

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Sites:  The Male Health Center has comprehensive information on erections, maintaining erections, premature ejaculation, and they even have some fun and educational quizzes. MSN's Health Site has many pages related to Erectile Dysfunction. Go to the MSN Main Page and type "erectile dysfunction" into the Search Box. Other sites for information and education about Erectile Dysfunction (once called "impotence") can be found at -- Impotence, Medicine Net, and

  • Premature Ejaculation (PE) Information:   The MSN Health Site provides articles about premature ejaculation -- The (Too) Fast Lane and Trigger Happy. The Male Health Center has comprehensive information on erections, maintaining erections, premature ejaculation, and they even have some fun and educational quizzes. Premature Ejaculation at is the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine article which briefly describes the "squeeze technique." Check InteliHealth's Premature Ejaculation Page. One of the only major movies to deal with premature ejaculation and other sexuality issues was the 1997 Bliss.

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    The DateGuru™ Web site is where Dr. Sterling posts links and answers to questions about dating and developing relationships as a single person.

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    The MateGuru™ Web site is where Dr. Sterling posts links and answers to questions about partner, marital, parenting, and family matters.

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