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    The mission of this page is to provide you with a selection of links to quality health-related Web sites.

National Health Observances.

May 2007 is National Mental Health Month!

    National Mental Health Association Logo for Mental Health Month.
May 2007 is National Mental Health Month. National Mental Health Month is sponsored by the National Mental Health Association (NMHA) and the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare.

The logo to the left was created by the NMHA. Posters, pins, stickers, and educational booklets and material can be found at the NMHA Web site.

More Health Observances in May!

April 2007 is National Alcohol Awareness Month!

    April 2007 is Alcohol Awareness Month! Please go to our Alcohol Awarenss Month Page to get linked to resources and information about Alcohol Awareness Month and other chemical dependency, substance abuse, and recovery observances.

April 23-29, 2007 is National Television Turn-Off Week!

General Health -- Larger Media and Government Sites.

Women's Health -- Larger Media and Government Sites.

Men's Health -- Larger Media and Government Sites.

Mental Health -- Larger Media and Government Sites.

Want Information About Prescription Medications?

Links to Medication Advocacy Web Sites.

Washington State Support Resources.

Washington State Mental Health Care Provider Associations.

Other Online Support Groups.

    • -- "These forums are the support forums of the Mental Health Matters user community. We have a forum dedicated to each Disorder as well as other important issues"

    • Dr. Grohol's Resource page has a very extensive list of online support groups and other mental health resources.

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