Easy Heart
by Ron Sterling, M.D.

Mostly memories now. What happened yesterday?
        Could we understand how?
        The common ground gave way
        To big differences within.
        Brave promises grew dim.
        Was it her?
        Was it him?
        Who was backing away?
        Or was it just the style of the day?

Call it "growth" now? What a phrase!
        Do we need to explain it that way?
        Or simply say that the future
                is another day,
        With "letting go" taking up the slack,
        And "mind set" becoming the new knack.

And acceptance, that loyal bruised keeper
        Of space and time,
        Making each heart easy,
                yours and mine,
        Laying them gently on beds of new finds,
        Understanding how holding on, irrationally,
        Had tied them down, serpentine.

"Easy heart," my best advice today,
        "Aum" some people say.
        It's letting go either way,
        To the heart that falls free,
                always willing to see
        The shades of all the colors
        Within you and me.

© Copyright 1988, Ron Sterling

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