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-- Updated May 7, 2003 --

What is the Purpose of the Client Registration Form?

If you are entering into ongoing E-mail, Internet chat, or Telephone Counseling with Dr. Sterling it is important for you provide the information requested in the Client Registration Form.

  • The purpose of the Client Registration Form is to create a more comprehensive medical record. Providing the information requested in the form not only fulfills certain ethical and professional requirements, but it also allows Dr. Sterling to furnish you with a higher quality of service.

  • Send your filled out Client Registration Form .

  • If you want more information about e-mail privacy and secure e-mail options, please go to our E-Mail Options Page.

  • If you do not wish to send the Client Registration information by e-mail, you can schedule a Short Telephone Consultation with Dr. Sterling at which time he can take this information from you by phone.

Thank you for your assistance!

How Do You Fill Out the Client Registration Form?

These instructions are for users of MS® Explorer software. If you are using some other browser software, the procedures may be slightly different. The steps for copying, filling out and sending the form by e-mail are:

  1. Open the Client Registration Form.
  2. Select All the content of the Form by clicking on the Edit Menu, then click on Select All.
  3. Copy what you have selected by clicking on the Edit Menu, then click on Copy.
  4. Open a blank e-mail form.
  5. Put cursor in the body of the blank e-mail form.
  6. Paste the Form into the blank e-mail by striking the "Ctrl" and "V" keys simultaneously, or click the Edit Menu and click on Paste.
  7. Enter information requested in the form by typing it into the e-mail after each item.
  8. Send the .

By clicking on this Client Registration Form hyperlink, the Form will open up in a separate window. After the Form opens, follow the instructions noted above.

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Updated May 7, 2003
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