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"The Civil Rights Movement of this decade is Mental Health Care quality and equality."
-- Updated December 14, 2007 --


    The mission of this page is to provide links to information and resources about the King County Council and the Executive's Office to allow you to follow the actions these elected officials as they make decisions that impact mental health care and chemical dependency treatment.

      The Highest Priority for King County.

    King County, through an extraordinary collaboration between government, treatment providers and criminal justice, has developed a comprehensive action plan called the Mental Illness and Drug Dependency Action Plan.

    In 2005, the Washington State Legislature created an option for counties to raise their local sales tax by 0.1 percent to augment funding for mental health and chemical dependency services and therapeutic courts. Seven counties - Spokane, Jefferson, Skagit, Clallam, Clark, Okanogan and Island - have implemented the sales tax increase, with several others considering action.

    For King County, this sales tax increase would yield approximately $48 million annually. An extensive exploration of the possibility of utilizing the tax option began with passage of King County Council Motion 12320, which culminated in the three-part Mental Illness and Drug Dependency Action Plan. To read more about the plan, please visit the Mental Illness and Drug Dependency Action Plan Web page

    The tax was passed by the King County Council on November 13, 2007.

      Shame on Washington State!

    In the last ten years, Washington State has almost completely abandoned non-Medicaid mental health and chemical dependency services. In Dr. Sterling's opinion, this is an example of the Washington State abandoning its constitutional obligation to insure safety, security and public health services to its residents. Instead, the state has kicked the can down the road to the counties.

    Enacting and appropriately spending the proceeds of a 0.1 percent sales tax (1 cent per $10 or about $25 per family per year) will allow King County to reap huge cost savings in the long run, by allowing appropriate treatment and diversion programs for people who currently cost us much more due to non-treatment recidivism and emergency services.

      King County Mental Health, Chemical Abuse & Dependency Services Division.

      King County Honors Recovery Month.

    Check the King County Web site devoted to Recovery Month for more information.

      King County Proclamations and Exemplary Service Awards!

      King County Links.

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