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    This mission of this page is to provide links to information, resources and news about Medicare and Medicaid issues at federal, Washington State, and King County levels. Some of the reports posted here are older, but useful for understanding the history of Medicare and Medicaid concerns in Washington State.

    Please note that many of the links to archived newspaper articles will require you to register to view the content. It is usually free, does not take much time, and it is worth the effort. You will also find links to .pdf Adobe Acrobat Documents. If you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, please go to the Adobe Acrobat Reader Web site to download the free and very useful software.

      2003 Federal Medicare Prescription Legislation.

      Links to Medicaid and Medicare News and Advocacy Web Sites.

      Links to Health Policy Web Sites.

    Please check the following links for more information on Medicaid and Medicare issues and concerns. These links will be greatly expanded by July 2003.

      Links to Medicaid Information and Resources.

      Want More Current News About Medicare and Medicaid?

    We cannot guarantee that the links and resources listed on this page will always be the very latest news. To get the very latest news and find more articles about Medicare and Medicaid, go to the Google News Search Engine page and type into the search box the words "Medicare reform" or "Medicaid reform" or a similar search phrase (i.e., "Washington State Medicaid"). You will get a comprehensive list of the most current articles from a large number of publications.

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