Mission Statement
-- Updated April 5, 2014 --

The DearShrink.com™ Mission.

    Dr. Sterling is a strong believer in life-long learning and inner-life development. This Web site and his focus on "always getting better" are manifestations of his own commitment to taking the next step in personal growth.

    In addition to furnishing visitors, potential clients, and clients with information about Dr. Sterling and his private practice of psychiatry, it is the mission of DearShrink.com™ to provide a Web site experience which is highly educational and which will assist in reducing the stigma attached to many aspects of the mental health treatment environment.

    To do this, Dr. Sterling, a fully-licensed physician in the State of Washington, has assembled a Web site which contains resources of interest to anyone who seeks well-presented information about human psychology, behavior, personal growth, psychiatry and psychotherapy.

    Please check our Site Index for an alphabetical list of pages by subject matter at DearShrink.com.

Dr. Sterling's Online and Office Practice Mission.

    Dr. Sterling's mission for direct and online provision of psychiatric and counseling services is to provide his clients and those who seek mental health care information with unbiased, informed, up-to-date, cost-effective, highly-confidential, honest, caring, and responsive services regarding their questions, concerns and personal development. Please go to Dr. Sterling's Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Statement for more information about Dr. Sterling's potential biases.

Thank You for Stopping By!

    Please feel free to with your comments, questions and suggestions. Tell us, from your professional or from your consumer viewpoint, what you would like to see on a Web site devoted to psychiatry and counseling.

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