What's New at DearShrink.com?
-- Upated March 15, 2015 --


    The mission of this page for the last 10 years has been to notify you about recent updates to DearShrink.com and its affiliated Web sites and news with respect to Dr. Sterling's psychiatry practice office located in Bellevue, Washington.

    However, since 2009, Dr. Sterling's mission has been intensely focused on reading primary research literature and becoming comprehensively informed on the huge amount of knowledge that has been gained about the downside and upside of the attention deficit disorder brain since 2008. He has read in excess of 20,000 pages of primary literature since 2009 and published two editions of his book Adult ADD Factbook -- The Truth About Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Updated 2011 and 2013. They are available on Amazon.com.

    The scope of Dr. Sterling's reading and writing has made it impossible to continue the former mission of DearShrink.com, which was to provide readers with a broader collection of and links to mental health and wellness information. The many outdated pages still contain original writing by Dr. Sterling that has stood the test of recent time. However, over the next few months, Dr. Sterling will be dismantling and remodeling most of the DearShrink.com website.

Dr. Sterling's Adult ADD Factbook is Out!

Travel Advisory: SR-520 is Occasionally Closed on Weekends (Use I-90).

What's New at Bellevue Psychiatry?
    Please note: Dr. Sterling is no longer doing home or assisted living visits for new clients. However, he will continue to provide those services for his current or past clients. In addition, Dr. Sterling is no longer providing specialized dementia evaluations or dementia care for older adults.

    With respect to new evaluations, second opinions, and diagnostic evaluations, Dr. Sterling recommends a 100-minute first evaluation appointment. This allows him and his client to get to a point in the evaluation process at which Dr. Sterling has obtained enough information to offer valid professional opinions about a client's core issues and probable diagnosis, if any. Dr. Sterling can also usually offer some recommendations and discuss potential treatment strategies during that first 100-minute evaluation appointment.

    It is not required that you choose a 100-minute first appointment. If you are simply transferring from another provider situation or have recently moved or are anticipating moving and are very happy with your current treatment strategies, it is often possible for Dr. Sterling to provide your follow-up care without doing a comprehensive "re-evaluation."

    • Office Visit Fees (Individual, Couple or Family) --

      • Diagnostic Evaluation and Consultation (100 minutes): $380.00
      • Psychotherapy (50 minutes): $190.00
      • Psychotherapy (25 minutes): $100.00
      • Medication Evaluation and Consultation (50 minutes): $190.00
      • Medication Management, Follow-up (25 minutes): $100.00
      • Consultations lasting longer than 50 minutes will be prorated accordingly ($3.80 per minute).

New Web Site -- All About Adult Attention Deficit Disorder.

    Dr. Sterling has established a new Web site about adult attention deficit disorder. You may think the diagnosis is a "fad," but it is not. Despite all the advertising, which could be interpreted as "pushing" a product, adult attention deficit disorder has historically been underdiagnosed. The reason? Professionals, for some time, did not have enough evidence to make a conclusion about whether children grew out of their symptoms or not. Now, we know they may grow out of some of their symptoms but still struggle with, among other things, concentration, follow-through, impulsiveness, poor judgment, irritability, and low frustration tolerance. Please visit AdultADDFacts.com to get more information.

New Web Page -- All About Depression.

    Dr. Sterling recently created a new All About Depression web page All About Depression Web page. This new page is an outgrowth of several articles that Dr. Sterling wrote about depression over a period of five years. In addition to his most recent articles "Depression Kills" and "How Does Depression Kill?," you will find links to many other resources for understanding mild to severe depression.

The Neurobiology of Depression Page has been Updated!

    The Hippocampus and Neurobiology of Depression Web page has been updated and now contains a PowerPoint presentation (as an Adobe Acrobat document) entitled "How Stress Produces Major Depressive Disorder." It covers the three most important things we currently know about stress and depression. Moderate to severe depression is not a lack of will power or a sign of a character defect. However, there are ways to help recognize what your vulnerability to severe depression might be and there are ways to help prevent moderate to severe depression.

New Mental Wellness Web Site.

    Our Mental Wellness Web site contains articles, information, and resources for understanding the factors in mental wellness -- self-appreciation, resilience, affiliation, negotiation, curiosity, exercise and leisure activities.

The Mind Matters Column Has Ended, but Stays Available!

    Dr. Sterling's Mind Matters column ended in 2008. Mind Matters was a monthly column written for the Seattle seniors magazine, Northwest Prime Time. It received a 2003 second-place award for a senior issues column from the National Mature Market Publishers Association.

New Web Page -- Age Pride.

    Dr. Sterling has posted a new Web page about "ageism" and how our mindset matters as we age. Please visit Age Pride to get more information.

New All About Grief Web Site.

    Our AllAboutGrief.org Web site contains articles, information, and links to resources for understanding bereavement, the grieving process, and "complicated" grief.

New All About Psychotherapy Web Site.

    Our AllAboutPsychotherapy.org Web site contains articles, information, and links to resources for understanding more about psychotherapy -- it's not just "talking."

New Website Dedicated to Understanding Forgiveness.

    Please go to our All About Forgiveness Web page to view links to information, articles, organizations and individuals dedicated to helping us understand the power and the psychological principles of the process of interpersonal forgiveness.

New Aging Brain Web Page.

    Our Our aging brain web page contains articles, information, and resources for understanding more about the phases that the brain goes through during a lifetime. There are many structural changes that take place in our brains, and they don't all occur during our later years.

New Essays.

New -- Donations Page.

    Please go to our Donations Page to learn how you can make donations to help support the mission of Dr. Sterling to provide useful and professional mental health information.

    Dr. Sterling has chosen to allow visitors to DearShrink.com to make donations to support this Web site rather than soliciting advertisers and sponsors. Dr. Sterling desires to provide unbiased information and answers to your questions. He has received positive feedback from users who appreciate that there is no advertising present on the DearShrink.com site, except for the advertising of Dr. Sterling's services. Thank you for your kind consideration for donations to support the maintenance and the mission of DearShrink.com.

    Please go to our Funding Notices to get more information on funding and advertising at DearShrink.com.

Thank You for Stopping By!

            -- Best wishes, Dr. Sterling

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