Credit and Debit Card Payment
for Fees is Temporarily Unavailable
as We Search for a
New Merchant Services Provider
-- Updated June 18, 2016 --


This Page is for Payment for Dr. Sterling's Services.

    Please note: Dr. Sterling does not process credit or debit card payments at his office. Payments by check or cash can be made at the office. All credit and debit card payments must take place using this Web page.

    When you click on one of the payment options, you will be taken to a secure Web page for payment information.

We Recommend Obtaining a Secure E-Mail Address.

  • Please be advised that when you pay for a service using this procedure an e-mail receipt will be sent to you at the e-mail address you enter on the payment information page.

  • Please be careful when you enter your e-mail address so that the receipt will be sent to you and not some other person.

  • You should enter an e-mail address at which you will feel secure and comfortable receiving a receipt that is considered a disclosure of medical services rendered and which will contain information such as:  (1) "ORDER DESCRIPTION: 50 Minute Consultation" and (2) "Merchant: Ron Sterling, M.D."

Pay for In-Person Office Consultations Here.

Select the correct service and fee from the menu below
by clicking on the down arrow.


Pay for Prescription Refills Without An Appointment.

    Dr. Sterling only offers this service to established clients in his practice for whom he has provided evaluations and/or treatment in In-Person consultations.

    Quite often, medications that are correct for the optimization of dopamine function to optimize working memory (the downside of the ADD brain) are controlled medications and federal law requires an original, signed prescription.

    Refills of controlled medications are not allowed to be called or faxed in to pharmacies. Refills of medication which may be needed as frequently as once every three months, can be mailed to you. Quite often, insurance will not pay for more than 30 days of medication at a time. I have tried to reduce the obstacles to consistent and appropriate medication treatment for ADDers as much as possible, and, thus, I have established a procedure by which I can mail the prescriptions to you.

    The best method for requesting such refills is to email Dr. Sterling separately from making the payment here at ronsterling@ronsterling dot com and specify exactly what you want him to send. In addition, Dr. Sterling would like you to give him a short update on current status of medication upsides and downsides (if any).

    In addition, when you make this type of refill request, please make sure you indicate your current mailing address, since mailing addresses may not match billing information addresses or you may have moved.

    If you can afford to purchase a 90-day supply of a controlled medication, you are allowed to do that by federal law. However, many insurance providers will not cover anything larger than a single 30-day supply and, thus, Dr. Sterling automatically sends 3, 30-day prescriptions, unless you specifiy otherwise.

    Prior Authorizations for Controlled Medications are Almost Standard Procedure Now for Prescriptions Written for Adults Diagnosed with ADD. It should be noted that when adjusting or testing a smaller supply of test medication, or changing from one medication to another, insurance providers often request prior authorizations for such changes, which can require significant amounts of Dr. Sterling's time to telephone, wait, and answer many questions about the medication he has ordered. Dr. Sterling will use his best efforts to obtain such Prior Authorizations but, because the process can be time-consuming, Dr. Sterling charges a fee of $3.80 per minute for all work beyond 7 minutes related to obtaining a Prior Authorization for a medication. Please also note that such Authorizations, once granted, may be time-limited to a one-year period.

    Finally, in regard to test dose protocols that Dr. Sterling uses in his practice, such protocols utilize low amounts of medications, and although insurance can cover such smaller total amounts of test medication prescriptions, sometimes it is just more efficient and cost-effective to purchase the test dose amounts rather than have Dr. Sterling go through the prior authorization process for a medication that may turn out to be incorrect.

Click on Pay Now button below
to pay $35.00 for refill by phone or by U.S. mail.


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