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    The mission of this page is to provide you with a selection of links to quality health-related and general-interest Web sites.

National Health Observances.

    For links to the sponsors of National Health Observances, please go to the National Health Information Center's Health Observances page.

    It is significant that National Health Observances drop off dramatically during the summer months. May and October are filled to overflowing such observances. If you want less competition for attention for a health-related issue that you would like to champion, look to November, December, and the summer months.

May 2006 is National Mental Health Month!

    National Mental Health Association Logo for Mental Health Month.
May 2006 is National Mental Health Month. National Mental Health Month is sponsored by the National Mental Health Association (NMHA) and the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare.

The logo to the left was created by the NMHA. Posters, pins, stickers, and educational booklets and material can be found at the NMHA Web site.

More Health Observances in May!

April 2006 is National Alcohol Awareness Month!

April 24-30, 2006 is National Television Turn-Off Week!

Parenting and Family Sites.

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