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    Psych Answers was a division of™. DearShrink was an Internet Mental Health Center hosted by Ron Sterling, M.D., a general psychiatrist who also specialized in diagnosing and providing services for those who fit the criteria for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

    On this page, you will find links to articles written by Dr. Sterling for his mental health and good manners advice columns.

    We invite you to tour this page of links to mental health advice articles and links and to explore the rest of the DearShrink site. DearShrink is still filled with information, answers to questions, perspectives on health care, culture, and rants and raves.

Dr. Sterling's Answers to Reader Questions.

    Dr. Sterling offers the following Web sites and Web pages on which he has posted answers to reader questions:

    • Adult ADD Facts -- this site is an outgrowth of Dr. Sterling's continuing focus on assisting adults with the diagnosis and treatment of Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. You may think the diagnosis is a "fad," but it is not. Despite all the advertising, which could be interpreted as "pushing" a product, adult attention deficit disorder has historically been underdiagnosed.

    • All About Depression web page -- this site is an outgrowth of several articles that Dr. Sterling has written about depression over the past five years.

    • All About Psychotherapy Web site -- original content about psychotherapy.

    • All About Grief Web site -- original content about grief, and the grieving process.

    • All About Forgiveness Web site -- original content about interpersonal forgiveness.

    • The Aging Brain Web Page -- original content about the phases the brain goes through during life, and articles about melatonin, exercise, and adult attention deficit disorder.

    • Mind Matters -- Award-winning, recurring monthly mental health advice column written for a Seattle older adult magazine, Northwest Prime Time.

    • Doctor Debug -- was a recurring column originally written for Tekbug, a technology and lifestyle magazine published in Seattle. Tekbug died. Doctor Debug was then published in a Montana bi-monthly health magazine. Doctor Debug has been retired, but archived articles are available.

    • Mental Wellness Web site -- original content about the principles of mental wellness.

    • Other Web pages at that contain original content include What About the Words "Shrink" and "Client?" and All About Freud (and Others)

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