-- Updated August 1, 2006 --

The Word "Reflection."

    "Reflection" has a sound and an image all of its own, something like contemplation, but more relaxed and open -- an opinion that results from careful consideration. Hands back, head up, eyes gazing straight at the thought, listening quietly in a comfortable chair or perched on a rock. Noticing the edges and the ripples of the ideas and the concepts. Poised to ponder.

    In the lists below, you will find links to poems, essays, and multimedia that are products of what we consider to be thoughtful contemplation about mental and spiritual growth, relationships, healing, growing older, growing up, and dealing with the tides of life.

Links to Poems.

Links to Photographs and Multimedia.

Links to Essays.

    • What About the Word "Shrink"? is a short essay on the origin and meanings of the term. On the same Web page there is an extended discussion of the words "patient" and "client."

    • All About Freud (and Others) contains the article "The Freudian Send: E-Mail Gone Wrong" and links to information and essays about Freud and other well-known psychologists, psychiatrists, and social scientists.

    • Go to to read several articles by Dr. Sterling consisting of opinion pieces about issues related to psychiatry -- society, culture, manners, and mental health care.

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