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Web Sites Created and Maintained by Dr. Sterling

    The following is a list of major Web sites created by Dr. Sterling over the last ten years, which he continues to host and maintain for professional and consumer use.

    • -- Well-known mental health information Web site whose mission is to provide quality mental wellness and illness information and to facilitate better access to resources and services.

    • -- this site is an outgrowth of Dr. Sterling's continuing focus on assisting adults with the diagnosis and treatment of Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. You may think the diagnosis is a "fad," but it is not. Despite all the advertising, which could be interpreted as "pushing" a product, adult attention deficit disorder has historically been underdiagnosed.

    • All About Depression web page -- this page is an outgrowth of several articles that Dr. Sterling has written about depression over the past several years.

    • -- Links to information, articles, organizations and individuals dedicated to helping us understand the processes of grieving and mourning.

    • -- Links to resources dedicated to helping us understand the power and the psychological principles of the process of interpersonal forgiveness.

    • -- Links to articles and resources for understanding psychotherapy.

    • -- Read about online counseling and purchase e-Mail and telephone counseling from Dr. Sterling.

    • -- Extensive information and links to help you answer the question "is humor good for your health?"

    • -- Web site contains articles, information, and resources for understanding the factors in mental wellness -- self-appreciation, resilience, affiliation, negotiation, curiosity, exercise and leisure activities.

    • -- Contains mental health information and resources for older adults, and Dr. Sterling's latest answer about older adult mental health care and caregiver concerns.

Dr. Sterling's Mission.

    Dr. Sterling is a strong believer in life-long learning and inner-life development. His Web sites and his focus on "always getting better" are manifestations of his own commitment to taking the next step in personal growth. He is a very active advocate for better access to unbiased mental health information, support, and treatment.

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