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    The mission of this page is to provide information and links to resources related to universal health care, which is also called universal health insurance, unified financing of health care services, or single-payer health insurance. It has been difficult for health insurance advocates to come up with a single term that completely defines the concept of reasonably-priced health insurance coverage for all. However, if you do research on the Internet regarding health insurance for all, the best search term to use is "universal health care."

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      Recent Reads About Universal Health Care.

    There has been a lot of activity related to so-called universal health care in the last year. One significant event was the passage of a voter-approved resolution by Seattle city voters.

    This Web page is in the process of being updated. In the meantime, please note that there are some links to significant articles and Web sites related to universal health care further below.
      Older Reads About Universal Health Care.

      Universal Health Care Web Sites.

      Isn't This Really About "Socialized Medicine"?

      The Individual Insurance Market is Rough and Tumble.

    If you are a full-time employee, you have many more options for healthcare coverage. For the self-employed and the unemployed, the process of obtaining healthcare coverage is daunting and full of challenges. Below are a few links to information and resources regarding the individual insurance market and the so-called "high-risk" pool.

    Haven't heard of the "high-risk pool"? In Dr. Sterling's opinion, the term "high-risk pool" is very misleading. When people who score 283 on an extensive health questionnaire are lumped in with people who can score as high as 2,000 points or more, the term "high-risk pool" is much too broad to be representative of "high" risk.

    The fact is that the current high-risk pool scoring includes mild risk, moderate risk, and high risk. The bar has been set so low for so-called "high risk" that the whole classification procedure smacks of a process highly-biased to allow insurance companies to maximize profits at the expense of consumers. Dr. Sterling sees such a biased classification process as a form of corporate welfare. It is Dr. Sterling's hope that a coalition called "Fair Play in Health Assessment" will target this practice of "cherry picking" and push for a fair classification system that includes mild risk, moderate risk and high risk pools having different and appropriate coverage premiums.

    Some links to articles that spotlight the controversy:

    Some links to Washington State health care insurance resources:

      Real Change News -- A Good Source for Activist Concerns!

      Looking for Information About Current Insurance Programs?

      Looking for Information About Medication Costs and Concerns?

    Please go to our Cut Drug Costs Web page, to get the latest on efforts to reduce the costs of medications for both individuals and state systems.

      Looking for Information About Mental Health Parity?

    Please go to our Mental Health Parity Web page, to get the latest on efforts to improve mental health care quality and equality.

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