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    This Watches page is a division of™. DearShrink is an Internet Mental Health Center hosted by Ron Sterling, M.D., a General and Geriatric Psychiatrist who also specializes in psychotherapy and relationship and family therapy.

    On this page, you will find links to information about psychiatry and psychiatrists, medications, the media and mental health, and mental health laws.

    We invite you to tour this page of links and to explore the rest of the DearShrink site. DearShrink is filled with information, answers to questions, and rapid ways for obtaining services from Dr. Sterling in person, by phone, and by e-mail. Click on the Services button to get more details or call Dr. Sterling at 206-784-7842 to discuss his services.

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Links to Watches Pages at

    The following links are devoted to providing resources and information about psychiatry, psychology, medications, and laws and media coverage related to mental illness and chemical dependency.

    However, Please Note: This page and all the Watch Pages to which it links were last updated in early 2010 or even earlier. Since 2009, Dr. Sterling's mission has been intensely focused on reading primary research literature and becoming comprehensively informed on the huge amount of knowledge that has been gained about the downside and upside of the attention deficit disorder brain since 2008. He has read in excess of 20,000 pages of primary literature since 2009 and published two editions of his book Adult ADD Factbook -- The Truth About Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Updated 2011 and 2013. They are available on

    The scope of Dr. Sterling's reading and writing has made it impossible to continue the former mission of, which was to provide readers with a broader collection of and links to mental health and wellness information. The many outdated pages still contain original writing by Dr. Sterling that has stood the test of recent time. However, over the next few months, Dr. Sterling will be dismantling and remodeling most of the website.

    • The Shrink Watch page contains links to information and news about psychiatry and psychology and other mental health counseling professions.

    • The Drug Watch page contains links to information and news about medications.

    • The Media Watch page provides links to resources to assist in understanding mental illness and substance abuse stigma and how the media contributes to or helps eradicate inappropriate, outdated and unrealistic views of mental illness and chemical dependency.

    • The Law Watch page contains links to information to keep updated on federal and state legislative matters related to mental health and chemical dependency.

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    Please feel free to submit questions or comments about mental health issues to Dr. Sterling. The identities of all readers will be kept strictly confidential and we will use our best efforts to insure that no information will be contained in any published question or answer that might disclose the identity of any reader or any person associated with the reader's question. Dr. Sterling is the only person authorized to read e-mail sent to him. For further information about your responsibilities when sending e-mail to Dr. Sterling and our Privacy Policy, click here.

Looking for Other Mental Health Care Links?

    • Go to our Health Links Page page to view a list of mental health Web site links.

    • Go to our General Links Page to view a large list of links organized around National Health Observances. May is always Mental Health Awareness Month.

    • Go to our Support Resources Page to view a list of links to local and national support and advocacy organizations.

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    • Office Appointments are Available. Dr. Sterling has appointments available at his Bellevue Office. Feel free to call Dr. Sterling at 206-784-7842. You will often reach him directly.

Would You Like Online or Telephone Support and Counseling?

    • Online and Telephone Counseling is Available. Dr. Sterling offers e-mail and telephone counseling for your personal growth, relationship, and mental health concerns and questions. Check the Online Help page to read more about Dr. Sterling's online and telephone services and how to purchase them.

    • Dr. Sterling Has More than 30 Years of Medical and Counseling Experience. Dr. Sterling has been around, but that doesn't make him just older and wiser. He works hard at staying informed. He works hard on his own personal growth. He enjoys challenges and making contributions to his community. This attitude combined with his training allows him to be a caring healthcare provider and advisor with a sense of perspective, humor, and commitment to his clients. For more information about Dr. Sterling and his mission, please go to his Biography Page.

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